National Lure Coursing Competition (CACL) in Harjumaa, Estonia

30.06.2018 Judges: Anne Naarits, Iren Naarits (Estonia), Anne Karikumpu (Finland) Wild Pansy Afina – 476 points,  1/2 , EE CAC New Estonia Lure Coursing champion! Arkan at Wild Pansy Elegant Amber got coursing lisence. Wild Pansy Afina and her mother Darya

National (CACL) Competition of Lure Coursing in Jaunolaine, Latvia

29.04.18 Judges: Laima Eidukiene (Lithuania), Inese Bobkova (Latvia) Two Velund´s daughters had great result! Alana Elegant Amber   –  1/4, CQ, LV CACL Adarina Elegant Amber  –  3/4, CQ Congratulations to owners Julia Tarasova and Nina Lasmane!

National (CACL) Lure Coursing competition “Latvian Winner-2017” in Jaunmärupe

30.07.2017 Judges: Jan Scotland (Germany), Laima Eidukiene (Lithuania) Adarina Elegant Amber – 366 points 1/7 CACL, Latvian Winner`17 Alana Elegant Amber – 364 points 2/7 CACL, Wild Pansy Asteria – 361 points 3/7  CQ, Wild Pansy Antea – 356 points 4/7 CQ, Wild Pansy Afina – 329 points 6/7 CQ

International lure coursing competition (CACIL) in Kiili, Estonia

28.05.17 Judges:  Anne Karikumpu (Finland), Katrin Raie, Iren Naarits, Anne Naarits (Estonia) Belye Volki Demetra – 1/6, 519 points, CACIL  Senavian Iris – 2/6, 512 points, EE CAC, res-CACIL, New Estonian Lure Coursing champion!  Wild Pansy Afina – 3/6, 502 points, EE CAC  Belye Volki Daromir – 4/6, 477 points, CQ Demetra, Afina, Daromir, Iris Afina, Daromir, Iris, Demetra Afina […] Continue Reading